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Cleaning up after a barrage of projects is satisfying. You may think it is boring or a chore, but I turn it into a time of finding completion. It is satisfying, yes, it's really true to touch those bits and ends, decide where the unused parts go back into inventory (I have a place for it) and touch the completed project once more. Then I tidy up my living space that was covered in all my projects and gaze at the order of it all. I am a bit obsessed with returning to order.

That's how I let myself do it all over again! Now my mind is free to wonder about another goodie I want to try. I can feel free to gander at Pinterest and Instagram to get fun ideas or fall in love with a set of colors only for a totally different project. So use the time after a project or two to feel a completion and a sense of accomplishment. You will like the results!

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