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It's been too long...

I'm sorry I missed writing to you. I have been taking an online mentorship class to learn better business and art techniques. It is a year long mentorship and quite intensive.

Since I developed this vest pattern, I have made quite a few of them and have done a couple shows back east. They have been very well received. They are made from the finest natural fibers.

I'm also trying to develop a way to give classes once again, but I'm in need of a place to do it. I have been approached by many of you asking when I will have another knitting group or classes. If you are interested in a meeting or classes in knitting, crochet or spinning, email me:

It's possible we could do a knit-a-long as we roll into spring. something for baby maybe?

Meanwhile I did a couple photo shoots and am posting these new vests online onto the website in the "Originals" section. There are two weights available. One is for transitional weather and contains silk, wool and mohair in 2 lengths and the other is lighter for hot weather or as a swimsuit cover up in linen and cotton in 2 lengths also.

I don't usually do work for sale, but I fell in love with these vests. I added a Kimono shape which is a long vest with 3/4 sleeves too. It has been an adventure in color.

*NEW* I am open to having visits to my home-studio for yarn buying by appointment. If you find yourself needing yarns from the Knitting Fever website, I can order them for you at a 20% + shipping discount. I also have many yarns here that used to be in my old store available for purchase. (I'm popping at the seams)

Please respond to this email and show me what you are making lately, it's way more fun to have a 2 way conversation.


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