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Color Knitting Headband

Oh color is fun! I love to create with my stash of bits that are left over from larger projects. This headband is created using classic superwash and my 3 ply handspun left from another project. Neither ball was really a full ball and I fully expected to need to add another bit of handspun, but a 2 inch center was enough!

It is created with a solid 2x2 ribbing, then a garter ridge, then the really fun part is adding the contrasting color in a 4x2 - 2 color rib. It is completed by repeating the garter edge and then ribbing. The back is sewn together to make it fit over the ear better as shown.

I finished it in 2 hours because I was knitting the whole time, but this could easily be a 1 day project. The instructions are for a 19" and a 21" size un-stretched. The width is 4.5 in. Knit in the round.

I hope your holidays were lovely and you have a fantastic new year. I would like to do some teaching this year so leave me an email at to let me know what you want to learn. Also, If you have pictures of your finished pieces, I would love to showcase your work on my pattern pages. Send them my way!

I am selling at the Saturday Market on Harvard most Saturdays and have kits for the Cuddle Cowl $38. including the pattern. If you need any help kitting up any other patterns, shoot me an email. I have yarn!



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