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Washing and Care Instructions


Wash items by filling a dishpan with WARM water and a drop or 2 of dish detergent. Water level should cover the item. Let item soak for 20 minutes. Do not agitate. 

Drain water and fill again with warm water *NOT HOT* and soak for 2 minutes. Drain again.

*IMPORTANT* Do not wring water out of item, squeeze or compress only.


Roll in a Towel

Lay a large towel on the floor, then lay the squeezed item on top of it. roll the towel and step on it to remove as much moisture as possible. Repeat until most of the water is removed.


Pinning lace and Blocking

This pic shows how the lace in a vest is pinned starting at the neckline and while expanding the lace. Place pins at the tips of the motifs to get maximum pattern.

Drying your item

While laying flat and pinned, place a fan a few feet away and keep the air moving over the surface until dry on top, then turn item and finish drying.

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