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Off to a Rabbit trail of spinning choices- just for fun!

I did spin one of the 4oz rovings and decided to switch up colors and texture and spin an old merino roving that I had laying around. Since it did not have the tussah silk blended into the wool, it is much less shiny, but this green roving was cloud soft and called to me to touch it. Maybe I'm a bit crazy because my fiber calls to me gently and seductively. I thought if I was to spin up something a little different than the roving before, it may be nice to ply the two different rovings together. I have done that many times and found that I like the juxtaposition of texture and color. The knitted finished piece is always very alluring. Nowhere is the exact yarn or blend of color. Below is an example of 3 different textures and colors plied together. I haven't finished spinning the first ply of the yarn I started and good practice demands that I finish spinning like yarns all at once, otherwise you get too many thicknesses of the same fiber. Anyway, my point of this rabbit trail is that sinning more than one texture of singles together can have surprising results!

In this skein, you can see the different plies and textures. One of the plies is actually shinier than the other two and one is very thin. The fluffiest is the third ply. When made into a project, this yarn will have a deep personality and life.

This 2 ply yarn is first spun into a singles and then plied back onto itself so it is all the same dyed roving. While it is colorful, and the color is more saturated, it has a barber-pole effect that makes bits or pixels in the finished piece.

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