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More good color from my needles

Last month I started "painting" with my handspun and other fine yarns to make a fairly simple scarf.

I didn't invent the pattern, but I love the way I can change yarns even if I don't have enough of a certain color. I can just move to another color that works.

I generally start with a few of my handspun skeins in a colorway that intrigues me. Then I throw in some commercial yarns that work with the handspun (kinda like making a salad) sometimes one of those yarns has a contrasting color that puts a couple bright stripes in serendipitously.

The two scarves on the top right are the Green from some hand dyed wool along with a cotton from NORO that added a kick of rust, some handspun textured yarn. I used a US 6 with fingering. The Lavender one is sport weight and I used a US 8 needle along with handspun and commercial yarns. The scarf at the top left is navy and red. I started with a sock yarn from Schulana called Zauberball. I added a commercial solid to break up the long color changes in the main yarn.

Anyway, here are pictures of them being blocked to accentuate the lace and create a nice shape. I guess I am really enjoying purple because 3 of them have it in somewhere or they are totally purple.

This one is made with a handspun containing a lot of Angora so it will bloom fur as it is worn. I think this one will be in my wardrobe.

I will post some of these scarves on the website for sale soon. If you want to request a particular color, message me at

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