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I picked up my crochet hooks!

I have been in love with longer vests because I like to cover certain areas... I did a kimono in wool with this flower motif using fine lace weight, but wanted something in cotton for warmer fall mornings and evenings.

I wanted no sleeves, but just enough to cover a certain spot for me without being too hot. I used a NORO yarn that is 50% cotton with some wool, silk and poly and it is sock weight. I had a bunch of this from my old yarn store and found a color that I had lots of in my closet. The color progress of the NORO yarn is how I get the pretty look.

As I made the main motifs I joined them puzzling how to get a vest shape. Adding the secondary shapes and half shapes completed the motif collection into a vest shape. Finally I finished the piece with a single crochet row and 3 double crochet rows.

Now I have a collection of long and short vests, a wide oversized cover and am creating a body of work to take to the wholesale gallery market as well as the Fall Craft show here in Roseburg the first weekend in November. Check them out on the original designs page.

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Carol Carr
Carol Carr
03 ott 2022

Is ìt available. Thank you.

Mi piace
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