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Handspun stash to knitted fabric.

Today I made time to look at some of my handspun singles. I have several skeins that are similar in color, but vary in value. The are predominantly green, but have charcoal, grey and celery tones in many spots in the skein. I left these un-plied because I wanted to take advantage of the long change of color in whatever project I chose to make. These yarns lean into modular type designs because of the shorter row length which create blocks of color which gives your eye a place to rest unlike streaks of stitches making stripes which induce movement and action.

I made a decision to start with the darkest colors of the 4 handspun skeins and work toward the lightest using a half linen stitch for texture and blending while making the longest of rows from front opening to front opening in one piece, splitting at the underarms as I work 3 different skeins at once.

After I use all of the darkest skein, and well into the mid and light skeins......

I intend on incorporating a skein of Silk Garden Sock to finish off and bind the sweater's design into a classic shape. Think C. Chanel.

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