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Greetings from Sharon

Hi friends, as I create new items and designs to publish, I sit and think how I am thankful to have a list of friends like you that want to hear what is happening in my studio. I have neglected sharing much, but want to tell you how excited I am about my latest vests. I have been experimenting with building a super lacy garment to wear over jeans or palazzo pants... Something that covers my arms, yet is airy. I found that the ones with a bit of silk or wool in them are kinda warm, but not outdoor cold weather warm, yet they keep the chill off.

Actually they have morphed by request into a hoodie with long sleeves for this top one!

This one is silk, cotton and wool. LOVE the purples and turquoise!

There are shorter cotton and linen ones for those that are HOT all the time,

These shorter ones retail for $288. and come in many colors

There are silk and wool ones for those that like soft fibers.

There are cotton and silk ones for those who like light and soft.

Even cotton and silk in a different blend

Having a persistence to create each one just to see how the yarn works up and how the NORO yarn unfolds color after color has been a cool project. I am still experimenting with Silk Garden Sock and can't wait for the new colors to come in. These retail HERE

I really like the long vests better, but many of you have told me they would like a shorter version. The hoodie and long sleeve coats are only special order. Colors of NORO yarns vary with each season, so a consultation to pick the right color, even on zoom or google calls is a must. Sizing is Sm - Med and Lg - XL and 2X

Actually, I am building a body of work to take to the Fiber arts market, but I thought I would offer them to you at a pre-Christmas Open Studio offering on Dec 3rd between 1 - 4 pm. E-mail me at to reserve a spot as space is limited. I have several more colors in stock in the cotton and linen short vest and a fall color silk and wool long vest too. There are hand mitts in wool and silk and some beanies and tams too. Even if you don't plan to purchase, come by and visit. I would love to catch up with my friends in fiber!


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