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Cotton, acrylic, polamide yarn designed by the Italian designer Missoni make this beautiful vest warm enough for transitional weather, but not too hot. The lace construction is sturdy, yet the vest flows. It has cap sleeves and is 48 inches around and 37 inches from neck to the bottom tips.  It is meant to be oversized so it can fit several sizes (10 - 18) The technique used is Crochet Lace. Orderable in blue, pink and red your size.


Care Instructions: Dry Clean or In a hand washing tub; use 1 drop of dish detergent and enough warm water to cover vest. Push garment below water level and let soak for 20 minutes. Drain water and rise with warm water. Drain and squeeze (not wring) the water out, lay a towel out and place garment atop, then roll up the towel. Step on the towel to maximize extracting the water. Use a foam pad to pin the lace firmly and shape the lace to measure the original size. Place a fan to speed up drying.

Do not machine wash or dry.

BOHO Long Lace Vest in Multi Filatura

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