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My wearable fiber art stems from a desire to make beautiful garments for color and texture lovers. I am intrigued and challenged by designing patterns in modules and blocks to get a watercolor like effect.


Every design is inspired by opening a bag of yarn with colors that I love and deciding what stitches I want to use with that weight of yarn. Intricate lace stitches with finer yarn, or a modular stitch pattern for the heavier yarns. They all come out one-of-a-kind since the yarns are always a bit different and the way I assemble the finish piece is different for each garment no matter which color or yarn I use. Each one is inspired by my love of color and texture.


Sharon has been working professionally in drawing for over 45 years. She knew art was her strength at a young age. Knitting and crochet that she learned early on came back into popularity and spinning wool became a passion also. She started designing her own garments and writing patterns. Sharon has also owned a gallery of her work and a yarn store/studio where she taught knitting, spinning and crochet.

She expanded into acrylic painting, beading and opening a bead store where she taught beading and bead-making. Sharon was the subject of the article “Tactile Vision” in Lapidary Journal showing her bead-woven and lampworked pieces and expanded on her journey with the store. She has earned the designation of Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry Professional from the Gemological Institute of America. She was also an Artist in Residence in the glassblowing department of San Jose State University in California and taught beadmaking there. Sharon has since added watercolor to her talents and is a lifetime member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon (a juried membership) She won awards locally for her work. She now spends time designing patterns and producing new work. She sells her patterns and books on Ravelry, Etsy, Amazon, and this website.

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